Closing the books on SocialCamp2

by lunaweb on September 29, 2009

The Best Part of SocialCamp? from LunaWeb on Vimeo.

It’s been 10 days since the second SocialCamp Memphis, and we’re finally ready to close the books on this one. (And get ready for our next adventure, BarCamp!) But before we do, we’ve got to give lovin’ where lovin’ is due. And mostly it’s due to you, for attending, volunteering, organizing, sponsoring or simply being interested in the growth of social media.

We’ve especially got to thank people like Mary Cashiola from The Memphis Flyer, Paul Ryburn and MLGW, who all gave us promo plugs on their blogs, and Bob Hazlett at OneHalfAmazing.comJT Rigsby and Sarah Christine Bolton, who all featured great SocialCamp wrap-up posts on their sites. And we can’t forget Lisette Casey, who gave us a shout-out all the way from Colorado on the Ramblings of a Professional Learning Community blog.

Big kudos go to our organizers and volunteers, who dedicated hours to making SocialCamp a reality. (We’re also pretty indebted to our sponsors, whose logos and links you can find above.)

And since we’re in the thanking mood, we’ll thank you in advance. For what, you ask? Why, for helping us out with a Start/Stop/Keep Webinar on SocialCamp tomorrow morning at 11:30! You can call in (on 347-857-2345) or tweet us @socialcampmem with your suggestions and ideas for what we should start doing next time, what we should keep and what we should stop altogether. You can listen to the entire brainstorming session here. Your ideas and comments will help us hone the next SocialCamp experience in Memphis to be the best it can be.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for BarCamp Memphis, happening November 14.

Dave Barger
Eric Mathews
Chris Allen
Susan Mealer
Mark Taylor
Buck Rogers
Jonathan Lyons
Maurrean Barger
Beth Sanders
Carolyn Bahm
Mike Schoenberger
Martin Dinstuhl
Darnell Settles
Bob Hazlett
Marcy Vaughn
Amanda Mauck
Matthew Crawford-Trisler

April Marston
James Paul Madeksh
Nichole Lea Haynes
Rodrika Thompson
Catherine Amsden
Alison Candace Boyle
Veronica Birmingham
Erica Horton


You could call this DebriefCamp

by lalunablanca on September 21, 2009

Two days later, and we’re still sitting here exhausted from this weekend’s SocialCamp.

It’s a good exhaustion; we put our all into this weekend, and it was apparent from everyone we talked to that the presenters did, too. So it’s the exhaustion of accomplishment we’re feeling.

We had unending participation from attendees, from the stream of tweets coming in to the @socialcampmem account to the SocialCamp Posterous blog.

The sessions were great and varied, ranging from the irreverent, like “Don’t be a Social Media Douchebag” and “How I Screwed Up Using Social Media,” to the specific and business-focused, like “Facebook for Small Business,” “Advertising on Facebook (or YouTube) 101,” and “Social Media for Enterprise Collaboration.” No matter what your skill level, SocialCamp had something for you to learn.

But the best part, by far, was the attendees. The major draw of SocialCamp is meeting and hanging out with great people who are all interested in great ways to utilize the internet and new technologies.

If there was one single thread running through the minds of SocialCamp attendees, it was that they loved the presentations, but treasured the opportunity to speak with the presenters throughout the event.

Thanks again to all of our sponsors who are the ones who made SocialCamp possible:

and hosts:

We’re extremely grateful to have had everyone we have had on board. If you enjoyed your ‘Camping’ experience, you don’t have to wait for the next SocialCamp; there’s all kinds of things happening all over the place if you want to keep involved.

Coming up over the course of the next few months, we have:

  1. September 27-28WordCamp Birmingham
  2. October 7Social Expedition (Breakfast)
  3. October 17BarCamp Nashville
  4. October 24 – RealCamp (as in tents, campfire etc…)
  5. November 14BarCamp Memphis

Keep your eyes peeled for more information about each of these events, and we’ll see you in time for the next SocialCamp Memphis!

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